Traktor Krotrol S4 MK2 Power surge?!?!?!

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Hey guys, first time I'm finally getting to post anything that be seen by anyone. Basically, I'm sitting here super excited to play my ¨totally function¨ Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 from Japan. Didn't come with a power cord. Who cares? Power up, rainbow, the connect to my PC and I get an error, every single time no matter what cord I try or what port I try to put it into, that there is a power surge.

Power surge where? Can't be software. Well, anyways, here I am. Anyone got any ideas besides, ¨change the cord?¨ My wife already told me that one and it didn't working .. hence me being here.


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    Do I gotta send this amazing thing back to Japan and argue with them about customs fees?? Also, I wanna DJ tonight sooooo bad so just let me know

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