Grid point moving far away

Dear all,

I thought I had control over the grid points-settings, but apparently I don´t.

I´m setting a grid point out in the track by the first beat. Very often I have to tap the tempo since the files are recorded from vinyl. When the tempo slightly changes, the grid point is moved far away from the original point. I could understand this if the tempo was changed dramatically, but here we are taliong 0,1 bpm maby..

Love to receive all the help I can get.




  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,064 Expert

    Yes, pretty sure that is a limitation of current traktor.

    You can scroll to the end and change the bpm by 0.01 up and down to see if you can match it closer.

    Dynamic beatgrid is on the roadmap, but that said it has been there for years. NI Friedemann promised an update about Traktors future this month. Maybe there will be details about dynamic beatgrid as well.

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 292 Pro

    I let Traktor set beatgrids while analysing. When the grid doesn´t fit, I tap the tempo first, and after tempo matches I manually delete Traktor´s beatgrid and (re-)set a new one on the first beat.

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