Manufacturing error sustain s88 mk2 no work

Lautaro Tanok
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Hello everyone, I want to express my disagreement with Native Instruments for their poor customer service. Among the many complaints I have about this company, the hardest one to believe is that the S 88 MK keyboard has a defect that causes the sustain to stop working, even After reconfiguring it, I don't know if it is in all units but I am not the only one I am going to share 2 images that guarantee that at least since 2020 native instruments has known about this and they have been incompetent because they abandoned customers to sell the new mk3 line I just want to record my bad experience with them, what good is a thousand dollar keyboard that lacks sustain?

I also clarify that in the image of the native instruments message the Adesor Sebastian was very kind, but it was after I got upset because of the lack of attention, in the same way the problem has not been solved because they do not have time, I suppose because of the new line.


  • Lautaro Tanok
    Lautaro Tanok Member Posts: 28 Member

    They recently sent me a list of pedals compatible with the komplete s88 mk2, I purchased the m audio sp2, but it still does not work in switch mode, there is simply no signal but in continuous mode it does get a signal from the pedal although it does not work as it should so you cannot use it, I have tried restarting the mac, disconnecting, connecting, in midi view there is simply no signal from the sustain in switch mode.

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