S88 Mk2 without any screens - Not triggering Ableton Live 11 Daw - Mac

slojotaa Member Posts: 19 Member

Hi all. I have a hybrid setup, i.e. Kurzweil K2500; Yamaha Montage; Roland XV5080, running through a MOTU Midi Express, routed through a samson s10, Apollo Midi Interface and the S88 MK2, the one with just buttons, no screen at all. Here goes:

For the life of me, I cannot get the keyboard to trigger action on the Ableton Daw? Nothing, and have been at this for a while. I know hybrid setups are complex, however shouldn't this keyboard be triggering action on the daw, i.e. scrolling the DAW sounds, or other impacts on the DAW. I am ready to give up, and it has not been a pleasant experience, partly user error for sure, and partly setup complexity. Please advise as to "ExACTLY" how I need to set this thin up for true "control" from a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Details please!? Thanks a lot all, and if posted elsewhere I couldn't find it.


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