Kontakt broke today.

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Hey guys,

I woke up today to get back to work after a restful weekend only to find that all of my Kontakt libraries look broken and unusable. Prior to this issue, I hadn't done any new updates, installed new software, or moved any files around. So you can imagine my confusion. I went into NI Access 2 and saw there was a Kontakt 7 update and the update did not fix the problem.

So then I decided to see if the problem persists in Kontakt 6 and 5 (which I still have on my machine) and the problem existed there as well.

Any ideas on what could be happening?

-- Michael


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    This can happen when the audio engine isn't running.

    Check its status by clicking the cog/gear icon in order to open Kontakt's Options window. Under "Audio", it should say "Running" under "Status". Also, make sure that a Core Audio driver is selected.

  • michaelbadal
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    When I click the cog/gear icon, nothing happens. So I went to File -> Options and there isn't an Audio section in there. I've also tried doing the "!" icon and reloading the instrument and nothing happens.

    I'm trying to find out how to get the status of the audio engine. That will at least check one thing off the list.

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    I fixed it. :(

    My previous client sent me a project in 44.1khz which forced me to set my word clocks to that obviously.

    And then when I went to start a new project (which defaulted to 48khz) and my word clocks were still set to 44.1, it broke Kontakt.

    I shut down Logic, set my clock to 48, opened it again, and everything is back and working.

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