Battery 4 does not start in DAW (Logic Pro)

APB001 Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

Battery 4 tracks will not play unless I manually start Battery in Logic. I have re-installed the Library and program and that did not fix the issue. For each Battery track, I have to manually open to program to get the track to play. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,833 mod

    @APB001 What's your operating system? What processor on your Mac? M1, M2,M3? Stabdard, Pro, Max, Ultra?

    Do Battert-y and Logic both have full disk access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

  • APB001
    APB001 Member Posts: 4 Newcomer
    M! and the latest version of Logic; Ventura 13.6.3. I am losing faith in Native Instruments man. A lot of problems it seems.
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