Studio Drummer groove tips? Need a simple groove...

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Love the sound of the Studio Kit. But I just need some simple grooves. There are so many in Studio Drummer I get lost. I can't find any that don't steer my songs in a certain way. I just want a simple pattern to demo and help me write and the ones in the Groove Browser are all so weird... Who ever uses a patterns like those?

I've been clicking in the Groove Browser for so long I got drum fatigue.

I just want Boom, chick, boomboom, Chick. Or Boom, ........, boom, chick. With 8th hihat on top. And a simple fill here and there.

How do I make sense of the Groove Browser?


  • Milos
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    I would recommend making a bit more creative beats.

    Speaking from experience.

    Music is not just BOOTS CATS BOOTS CATS.

    Music is not just Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Chorus.

    Music should be incredibly diverse.

    Same for the beats and drum patterns.

    You can take some inspiration from the demo beats, of course, but make sure you cook something up while being inspired.

    Have a nice day creating epic rhythms, good sir!

  • Dutch
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    I don't want to sit programming my own beats. I just want something to line demo's. To jam along to. If I want real drums I have a real drummer that's going to play it live so he better build the groove himself. There's plenty he doesn't like to play so I'll leave that to him.

    I want something that does not force the melody in a certain metrum because it otherwise doesn't suit the groove. I still think drums should enhance the song, not force it in a certain direction.

    Lots of grooves in the groove browser are just not very flexible. They're oddities. The naming is hard to figure out for me. I don't believe I've found some explanation of what to expect according to the names.

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 847 Guru want a particular beat, but you don't want to make that beat yourself? You just expect someone else to have already made the exact beat that you are after?

    Do you not have a drum machine? A few taps and away you go.

    Alternatively there are endless drum loops for download from various places. You don't HAVE to use Studio Drummer.

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