Updated to Pro 44 - Microphone not working

Hi All,

Rig: S2Mk2 - Lenovo IdeaPad -Win10

Since the upgrade... the microphone button does not illuminate and

mike does not work... can someone lend assistance


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,030 Expert

    What microphone button?

    Can you share a screenshot of the relevant settings?

  • djsmoothjazz
    djsmoothjazz Member Posts: 11 Member

    its the microphone button on the mk3 ... it no longer lights up which indicated that it is on... and I cannot get the microphone to work.....

    I didnt have and problem with the microphone before the upgrade

    ... Donald

  • djsmoothjazz
    djsmoothjazz Member Posts: 11 Member

    I double checked with my backup computer which has ver 3.10.0 71 ... the microphone does work with this version.... so the problem is with the latest upgrade.

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