Recently have run into a problem with 90%+ CPU usage running maschie

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i purchased a late 2015 iMac quad core i5 with 16gb ram. Moved up from a 2012 iMac (which has been perfect up until I couldn’t get Kontakt 7). I also have a Komplete audio 6 as the audio driver with a maschine mk3.

It seems this problem just started and have hadnt had any issues like this since I bought the computer 5 months ago. I have run into immense CPU usage (88-95%) in brand new tracks that have a couple kits loaded. I have never experienced this before in maschine. at rest the maschine is pushing 77-85% cpu usage not playing anything.

meanwhile if I loud up ableton it’s registering 15-20% with a couple tracks loaded.

My old iMac never ran into ANY issues related to lag, or computing process and it was such an old machine.

would uninstalling and reinstalling machine help? Up until last night I hadn’t noticed any issues with the performance in maschine - not once in all my years using have I seen anything like this. I have created tracks recently with up to 10 kits loaded including kontakt instruments like Playbox and zero issues.

thanks in advance


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    Reinstalling usually does not fix this type of thing. You best bet is downgrading Maschine to a previous version.

    It's important to be specific when asking for help, we cant magically guess things...

    Whats your MacOS version?

    Which Maschine version?

    Which exact iMac is it? there are several.. It's probably this one i reckon.

    Try this older Maschine version version (2.14.6) that Jeremy posted here:

    If it works much better then it's because the latest version 2.17.5 (which I assume is the one you have installed since you did not specify) is the cause of the problem, so you can ask support for download link for 2.17 or 2.16 so you dont end up stuck with such an old version.

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    My apologies. My computer is the 2.8 GHz Core i5 (15-5575R) version. I feel like even when I first got it 5 months ago I wasn’t experiencing such lag. I’ll reach out for a lower version.

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