Incorrect analysis of iTunes songs

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I installed the new Traktor update 3.11.0 today. Unfortunately, an error that I reported in August 2023 has not been fixed. Music files purchased from iTunes are still not being analyzed properly. There are fluctuations in the volume when playing.

Ni Suppprt told me I should convert the songs into a different file format. Apple Support referred me to NI Support. Both are extremely unsatisfactory. With the suggestion from NI Support, each song is saved twice on the hard drive. This is not parkable. At the moment I cannot recommend Traktor 3 in combination with WIN11. I'm curious how long it will take until the software is available in the same quality as I was used to with WIN 10. Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, how did you solve the problem?


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    Are those aac m4a files?

    If so the fix comes from windows. There is a thread about it. I think they said something about end of February if I remember correctly.

    There are so many bugs in Traktor. But this is Windows fault.

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    yes these are aac and m4a files.

    Thank you very much for your feedback. If that's the case, I'm wondering why NI can't answer it like that? I'm curious whether Microsoft can really deliver a corresponding update.

    But apparently I'm not the only one who has a problem with the files. As we saw yesterday at the European Handball Championships in Cologne with the national anthem of Iceland. I wouldn't be surprised if the DJ uses a Traktor controller. 🙈😂

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    Rekordbox and Serato are also affected as far as I know. DJuced found a workaround.

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