I don't know if anyone, like me, gets stuck in the busy loading interface when switching projects on

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I don't know if anyone, like me, gets stuck in the busy loading interface when switching projects on Maschine Plus. Even Mashicne's built-in project files get stuck, which seriously affects my performance process. If I can't solve it, I might consider replacing the device

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  • blackuu
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    Maschine Plus as a performance equipment is often not stable enough。。。。。。。。。。

  • blackuu
    blackuu Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Is there an engineer who can answer my question

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @blackuu Sorry, just stubling upon your post now. Even though we help out the users on the forum, it's not a substitute for support. Please get in touch here if you need assistance: https://bit.ly/NI_support_maschine

  • D-One
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    What do you mean it gets stuck? It takes a minute or so to be able to load the next project or does it actually freeze permanently?

  • tetsuneko
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    I had hickups loading projects back when M+ was still a brand new item.. After the OS updates and swapping out the stock microSD card with an adapter to a proper U3 SD card, and those project load freezes have reduced to almost zero (I still get it like once a month). So I recommend making sure you have updated your M+ (including updating its firmware, which requires connecting to a computer), and trying with a full size SD card from a reputable brand. The SD card doesnt have to be a blazing fast one, just full size and a branded one

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    Yeah this happens to me too.

  • Psyearth5
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    Can someone tell me how to turn Off M+ because it gets stucked on loading project that I made on 17. February 2024. When I bought a new M+. How to turn off/restart safe ?

  • Psyearth5
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    I turned OFF Maschine plus and I turned it ON and everything is OK, project was loaded but honestly I expected better stability and I will follow what is happening and how it's working. M+ was something I need for live and I hope that this investment will pay off.

  • 6xes
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    heck if things freeze on load up, itll be a right pain in the butt if it happens during a transition to your next song :-s

    the wonder of knowing whether your SD card will have corruption after shutting things down... also a added concern...

    might be just a one off :-s. **smiles

    btw im not a fan of the M+ and nor do i own one...having seen various issues posted on these forums plagueing the M+ over the course of time....

    ...do take what i say with a pinch of salt, im sure there has not been no horror stories of the M+ in the midst of a performance?? 🤔

  • Psyearth5
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    I downloaded/installed expansion and even if I didn't get notified to restart I should do it and everything is working now. To be honest I have a lot of Music released and recently I get couple of booking requests so my logical solution was Standalone Maschine so I was saving for almost a year and now I'm thinking how to optimize for live.

    So far I made first new track in M+ and I am stunned how it was easy and sound quality is... Beautiful but I see that quality is not top notch but I am ready to use encoders slowly with less power, almost touching them because I want them to last . Second in my opinion important thing is MANUAL, it's Trend not to read it but I suggest it because it's the way to learn and get most out of the Device. I found some controls that I could not find my self and it's about Standalone mode and Controller mode and it is very important. I am happy with M+ and my only concern is longevity and I will be careful using TLC .

    Compared with MK3 M+ is just more but that will be appropriated by any MK3 proffesional and I already made success with MK3 and for me M+ is meaning a lot to me. MK3 will be sent to Service for Encoders replacement and I could add accident I had with MK3 and it's still working...I mean it's not different from HW Synthesizers and what people have experienced with expensive devices and again Encoders jumping in values or have been loose ect. I see this trend among Manufacturers from 2014. And if anyone look what is happening in recent years it's returning manufacture in Europe and still it's a challenge for many . I will follow and document everything that is happening with New M+ but overall I am happy and I hope it will last.

    What I learned is that it's not about equipment and software it's about Artist and how far is ready to go, even if MK3 and M+ need Service every two years it's OK because in between that time NI sound and workflow are advantage that needs to be used. I do everything in Maschine from start to finish, at first it was challenge for me but I quickly learned it's not more demanding then Video Game.

    I am writing long responses because I think it's the best way for online expression other than direct video call.

    I will follow everything but so far I found MANUAL most useful same as ut was when I got my first MK3.

  • 6xes
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    great to hear, the issues with the M+ are not rearing their uglyhead!!

    you seem to have found the glove that fits perfectly for your workflow!! which is wonderful!

    as far as encoders go.... hmm yea, i've used a few different types, loose ones, encoders with varying resistance, i personally find the Maschine Jam's "click encoder" great to work with....it remains consistent, and so far i've not had a ghost note with the "click encoders" on these maschine Jams... i suspect it will last for years to come!!

    no doubt they are similar to the click encoders on mk3 and M+

    i agree with the sentiment regarding the Artist.... i've been around people in my musical walk, who could draw a crowd with their voice and a acoustic guitar!! So figuratively speaking everyone has a native instrument, by manner of their voice... how well a voice attracts a crowd is another story!

    anyway you take it easy... take joy in your M+

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