Least Intuitive Functionality IMO - "Top Five Improvements"

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I wasn't able to put this into the "Top Five Improvements". What I believe is the least intuitive functionality of the machine hardware to software INTEGRATION in a live situation when using the mixer to mix groups (one track/synth per group in this example) and then switching to plugins (now I have to switch back to "sound") to improvise and perform then going back to mixer, oh wait, I have switch back to group now...ugh: (not necessarily in this order) Switching from plugin, to sound, to group, mixer, back to plugin, back to mixer, oops, gotta go back to sound, back to plugin, now back to mixer, nope, back to plugin, switch back to group... now go back to mixer...repeat, rinse. It's maddening! Thanks for letting me vent 😤 lol


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    You don't need to go back to the PlugIn menu to simply switch back and forth between Sound and Group on the Mixer Menu (if that's what you mean).

    What controller you got? On an MK3/M+ pressing the 4D Knob up/down does the switch.

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