Komplete Kontrol S61 and EastWest Opus

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I'm using my KKS61 with the latest version of Logic Pro X on a Mac Studio (M1 Max Chip) running Sonoma 14.1.

I have a midi key input problem for a particular plugin: EastWest's Opus (an orchestral sample player).

I can load Opus successfully via Komplete Kontrol (as a VST3). Some behaviour works: for instance, I am able to change parameters in Opus using the 8 knobs under the S61's screen.

What I cannot do, however, is play any notes. Logic receives the midi notes, as proven by the appearance of a black dot on the keys of the Piano Roll when a note is played. But no sound is heard. The Opus player does not acknowledge the note.

I have tried configuring different midi channels (1-16) and also 'omni' in Opus but to no effect.

I don't expect anyone to immediately solve my problem, however I would like to draw on the knowledge of the forum to at least hone in on whether the problem is likely to be on the NI side, on the EastWest side, or simply just a config issue.

Thanks in advance!


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    For anyone interested, I remedied the problem by ditching Komplete Kontrol 3.x software and returning to KK 2.9x.

    I forgot to mention that my S61 is Mk II. Maybe this is the issue. Disappointing, if so.

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