Feature Request - "hard record mode"

S Righteous
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I own a Squarp Pyramid and one of my favourite features is it's "hard record mode".

In this mode, you can loop a sequence and record into it, but on the second pass it does not overdub, it overwrites whatever is there. This acts exactly like old tape loops, and as a creative tool is way better than just dropping out of record, or entering overdub mode.

Hard record lets you perform live. You play into the sequence loop after loop, and when you feel you have your best take, you drop out of record and that final last take is what was saved.

With overdub mode, you get one take to get it right the first time, and it's not something you would want to use live.


  • D-One
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    That would be cool. Added a feature request tag to your post.

    Alternatively, you can just record a gigantic pattern and then set the start/end to the best part.

  • S Righteous
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    Well, I use this feature of the Pyramid live. Play/jam octapad in preset loop lengths and time signatures, which I keep synced to the Maschine+. Having Maschine in 4/4 while Pyramid loops 3/4 over top can be amazing, or garbage - so you keep jamming until it sounds good, then drop out of record and your 4 bars keep looping seamlessly. Essentially Hard Record is for fun live use - setting end points is for composing.

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