NI Fables; French Horn "Broken"

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Hello. Does anyone else have this issue with Fables? I've seen it reported by some other users, and it's very strange.

Everything else in the library seems to function as expected, except the French Horns. Some of the articulations simply do not work, or they will work momentarily before not. When they are not working, the cpu and voice count readouts are as if the articulations are playing, however it's just silent.

Also the little sample progress bar below the articulation's name sometimes shows activity, other times it does not. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an update coming soon? I've never quite experienced anything like this with a library. At first I thought the samples weren't downloaded correctly, but I proved to myself that's not the case as again; Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

One thing to note; I initially tried this in Ableton, in which SOME articulations worked fine. When I tested in Cubase however, none of the articulations worked.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • Milos
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    Did you try recording the midi track with Fables first, then just freezing the track to audio and then playing it?

    Let me know if it helped.

  • Jannakar
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    I have noticed that the volume is set to zero in the layer properties, for example the French Horns in Arid Star which are 'Short Swells Soft Tnl' and 'Random Tone Trills Tnl'

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