Stradivari Cello not working

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I bought and downloaded Cremona Stradivari cello and tried to use it, but I received a dialogue window with the message: "Your Kontakt version is too old... Apparently I am not the only one with this problem.

So, I have uninstalled Stradivari, and Kontakt Player and Kontakt. And installed the newest version fgrom Native Access in this order; KPLayer, Kontakt, Stradivari Cello but the problem persists.

I have the former version of Stradivari CELLO, this works fine.

Installing Kontakt from Native Acces gives me version 6.8, apparently I need 7 or later. Where can I download this, is Kontakt 7 compatible with Windows 10 or do I have to buy a new computer?? Or, can I download Stradivari Cello Library in an earlier version which will work with Kontakt 6.8??

I know this is a common issue, I spent a lot of time finding a solution on the web, but unfortunately nothing worked. Please help.

Thanks a lot for any help, Koen


  • Sarband
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    sorry, please read: I have the former version of Stradivari VIOLIN...

  • ianLi
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    I have the same issue with Stradivari violin (bought as part of Komplete 13 ultimate). Using a Mac version 10:15:7 (Catalina) and Kontakt 6 I downloaded Kontakt 7 player - mistake. Continuing with a project featuring this instrument I could no longer use it. The product support page and it's downloads of previous versions didn't help either as the URL couldn't be found so could't download. I share your pain and frustration as my project needs this instrument which for some technological issue at head office I no longer have!

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