Kontakt Library Install "Download Failed"

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Help! Can anyone shed any light on how to fix this?

I've read many, many posts, searched up and tried ALL the proposed NI solutions, all to no avail. I don't have a VPN to use but I have tried disabling Private Relay, etc. I'm using the latest versions of everything including the MacOS on my M3 MacBook Pro.

Is there no way to get Native Instruments to reply to my support requests?

I'm frustrated beyond belief. I've been an NI customer since their inception. Unlike previously, now I can't even call a phone number for help and I read posts like this one all the time. Real corporate arrogance... You're slipping badly. I was thinking about buying a new keyboard but I don't think so after this debacle.


  • Jojo123
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    Youre right, and sorry you're in the same frustrating boat as many of us. There's scads of posts for one reason or another about people not being able to download stuff. I don't know what your situation is but whether its through the latest NA dramas OR people having to downgrade large amounts of libraries becasue they unwittingly updated products that their Kontakt version no longer works. I'm in that category.

    Chaos is an understatement, and Im waiting on support to fix an issue where a download off googledrive doesn't work.

    The best anyone seems to be able to tell you is you just have to wait patiently because its the weekend, or they're on holiday.

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