Kontakt ignores MIDI notes, sometimes..?

Roelof Klop
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I'm trying to create my first virtual drum instrument using Kontakt 7, MacOs 12, ProTools

I've successfully imported the snare samples, assigned voices to groups, managed the velocity layers, etc etc.

It all seems to work, except Kontakt ignores about half of the MIDI notes I create in the ProTools MIDI editor, and I can't find a cause for this?

The loudest velocity layer seems to work perfectly, but the medium and softer velocity layers only work half the time at random.


  • Roelof Klop
    Roelof Klop Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I just found out, even when I hit the "key" on the virtual keyboard inside Kontakt itself, it also only works half of the time. Anybody have any ideas?

  • stephen24
    stephen24 Member Posts: 252 Advisor

    Max voices setting? (in the instrument header) If you're using tm pro it has its own setting in Instrument Options>Voice Handling

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