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Have hubrid Modo Daw setup. All in worked correctly, ie Modo equipment, KK S88HD, Mac, Ableton Live11. Can’t get sound to trigger and tried everything one can imagine. Any tips? Thoughts? Thanks


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    Make sure that your settings in both Ableton Live and in Komplete Kontrol all point to the right places. For example, you MIDI connection should reference the KK device, and your Audio connection should point to your audio interface's output.

    Whenever you install or re-install a plugin, you should open that plugin outside of your DAW, and configure the MIDI and Audio settings. Then open that plugin inside your DAW and make sure it still works. And do make sure that your audio interface is properly routed to your output channel.

    If you try this stuff and it's still not working, please come back here and somebody will try to help you further. But above all, be patient. Be patient with the process, the setup process, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, be patient with yourself.

    This stuff is not all that hard to make it work. But it CAN be challenging to make your brain work with it. That's why you need to give yourself patience and grace. 😉

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