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I was excited to see that when Kontakt 6 came out, on my system it simple was called Kontakt. I was hoping that when subsequent versions were released it would just replaced the old version so all older sessions would open in the latest version.

Unfortunately that did not occur. Upon installing Kontakt 7 it is named Kontakt 7.

So my system now has Kontakt 5, Kontakt and Kontakt 7.

Is there a way to have simply just one version of Kontakt?



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    I'm relatively new to Kontakt myself (I have Kontakt 6), but I believe the solution to your question is to manually uninstall the versions that you don't want. As far as I know, NI doesn't provide any uninstallation software.

    Depending on if you have Mac or PC, just Google-search "uninstall Native Instruments software [mac or pc]" or something along those lines, and follow those steps.

    A word of warning -- there are many known compatibility issues between Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7 instruments, and even between various versions OF Kontakt 7. Before uninstalling anything, I'd highly recommend research to ensure both your computer and operating system version both compatible with the latest version of Kontakt 7, and then decide whether you want to upgrade each individual Kontakt library or not. (One "updated" NI library is even supposedly inferior in sound quality, according to some forum post I read.)

    Be aware if you use Native Access, it'll force the latest Kontakt 7 versions onto you. And that there have apparently been issues for people whose computers/software were compatible with the "old" version of Kontakt 7, but not the newer updated one.

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    Bonjour cj 014, j'ai changé d'ordinateur et suis passé de 6 à 7 mais malheureusement encore ce matin, je n'arrive plus à ouvrir Maschine dès que j'essaie d'ouvrir des fichiers crées avec kontak 6.. mais j'ai un 3 ième message de kontakt 7 one or more kontakt instances cannot be recalled correctly perhaps due to missing content... ( j'ai enlevé kontakt 6 )

    J'ai pourtant réinitialisé windows, enlevé et Remi chaque plugin plusieurs fois et parfois si un fichier s'ouvre au bout d'un quart d'heure, j'essaie de tout resolver les blocages en supprimant et remettant chaque plug in effacés. J'espère ne pas avoir perdu 11 fichiers créatifs

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    Hi @kari el , I'm so sorry I don't speak French! 😓

    (I used Google Translate to read your post, which translated some sentences well, and some parts not so well.)

    You may want to a new entry on the forum as a new Question Post to ask your question, if Customer Service or Technical Support is unable to answer your question. Or maybe post on the forum directly, and skip over Customer Service or Technical Support.

    If there is no fix for potential compatibility issues between Kontakt 6 and 7, you might just have to keep both versions installed on your computer... Which may involve asking Support to provide a link to the installer for Kontakt 6.

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