Why? (new 3.11.0)

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I wrote this a long time ago, but, this is outrageous, nothing has changed except the integration of X1. The screen flashes, freezes down the software itself. It starts up after a few seconds and the sound comes back after a few seconds. Windows 10 Pro (19042) Intel 5 CPU, nVidia TI 1080 vga card, 4 SSD 16 MB memory.

Unable to do a live show, after setting up WDM (Shared) (for OBS or vMIX) at best no sound, at worst. blue death, but, so that I have to reinstall Windows. Only X1? Trash the other controllers? Is nothing really going to improve?


  • SteveKDJ
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    Dear NI,

    Silence equals yes..

    I should mention that I did not get the controller for free.

  • SteveKDJ
    SteveKDJ Member Posts: 132 Helper

    I like to talk to myself, ask questions, so I don't notice if I'm going crazy... I get so no many undignified comments because I have problems. (anothers?) I don't expect one to one answers, I expect everyone to reassure me, but nothing... nothing nothing nothing happens...

    I'm not saying this to my fellow sufferers..

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