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Here are 4 different ways to use Maschine inside Reaper (now with approximately 99.37% less jank!). These downloads are simply project templates, so couldn't be any easier to use. They can also be imported into existing projects as track templates (version 4.1, updated Jan 6 2024):

Note: I've had these templates up for many years now and only just recently received some feedback indicated how chock full of jank they were...apologies if you tried them in the past, but now I've fixed them up and I'm looking for feedback to put on the final polish.

If you have some great workflow ideas that are not covered by these templates, I can try to work something up if you provide the deets. Thanks for your time!

Original thread (while I edit this one):

1) Just One Track. This is the simplest one. A single track with 3 kits, each on its own MIDI channel. No Routing.

2) Two Audio Routed Kits, 1 Split Instrument Group, Kick & Snare Tracks. This is the way I'm working normally. It's a 6 Track Template.

Each Kit is audio-routed to a Reaper track, which essentially act as summing buss for the Kit. Mixing the sounds of each Kit is done inside the plugin.

There is one "Kick Track" with a dedicated receive of Pads 1 & 5 on every Kit, which are typically used for kicks, so you can have your kicks isolated from the other Sounds, for side-chaining or processing, etc. Same for snare, but on pads 2 & 6.

You can record your patterns and scenes in Maschine and then record your sketch performance of them later as MIDI in Reaper for finer editing, or just start recording into Reaper right away. Best part is that you can loop overdub MIDI items as takes also and use Note Repeat while recording MIDI in Reaper. So, best of both worlds.

3) One Audio Routed Kit (16 Audio Tracks, receiving Maschine Sounds). Just one kit with each sound routed to its own audio track.

4) Maschine Master Controller (Two MIDI Routed Kits and 14 MIDI Tracks).

This one lets you do all sequencing inside Maschine, using Native Instruments' intended workflow, which is great for sketching out arrangements quickly, but each Sound sends a different MIDI channel from each sound to 16 Reaper tracks to control all your favorite synths from Maschine.

Please let me know if anything's not working for you and I will try to help/fix it. There will be more specific info in the Project Notes.


  1. Download your template of choice from the links above and open it in Reaper (or just double click). If you like it, you can save it as a track template for future re-use by selecting all the tracks and right clicking... Yes, they are project files, but they can also be stored as track templates.
  2. Enjoy or be disappointed, but give me some feedback, so I can improve the experience for others. :)

Important: Be sure to disable this +ROUTING option when loading a kit, to preserve the routing I have made in the templates and not load the routing stored in the kit!

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