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This is a feature request.

The 'Play Assist' modes will light up the respective scales. Ok but it doesn't even show on screen what note/s are currently being pressed.

I think there should be a 'Learn How To Play' mode. Kind of like Melodics has those progressive play along tutorials to learn finger drumming.

This could be a mode on a new Play Assist window tab, to turn it on/off and configure it.

There could be different modes, like choosing a scale and then it only shows those notes for that hand to play at that time (as opposed to the whole keyboard lit up by that scale). Play them correctly and then those lights would turn off and the next set up the scale would light up. You could do chord (press all at the same time) and one at a time styles. Ten same time, then ten one at a time.

Would have modes where you could do the whole scale ten times, then it would turn off the lights and you would have to do it without lights ten times. If you made a mistake you have to do the light helpers ten times again, from the beginning.

The screen would show what chord or set of keys to play now, what is next, and would always show what is being pressed, and show if it is wrong and why. That would stay on screen until the user moves along to pressing something else. It would show both left and right hands when those are both being used.

There could be just straight scale modes where the person starts with the left hand and goes up and down the keyboard on that scale ten times, then ten with the right hand. Same thing as chord learning but only one key, the next one to play, would light up at a time. To build muscle memory. Then they do it without lights ten times. The C's would always be lit (except for all lights off mode), and they should go darker when pressed, for an animation, not do nothing at all, btw.

You could go through these modules and get more advanced. Playing with both hands, and then switching between scales. For example, five on major, then switch to five on minor etc. And then playing whole songs that are pre programmed. You push play and it will play the song with the lights, then it will hold your hand playing it until you can by yourself, then you have to play it without lights.

Advanced modes could also make you play in time. You would push play and there would be a metronome (why KK doesn't already have one for standalone?) and you play by the tempo. Out of key or tempo, you have to start over.

You could also make a circle of fifths mode where keys would light up according to the correct next chord in the circle of fifths. The user could set what all these lights are. For example, the keys being pressed could be blue and the suggested next chords could be red.

The user would be able to record these notes into their daw anytime they want, as they practice in this mode.

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