Expansions: why no MIDI patterns?

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The Maschine side of Expansions have Maschine patterns.

I don't have Maschine but still want the patterns. In MIDI.

I've been meaning to ask this for a long time, since Expansions were introduced.

Why do Maschine users get patterns with their kits and not Battery users?

I don't want to buy a Maschine unit to have access to these.

Why don't you include MIDI patterns to go with the Battery kits?

And by that I mean go back to all Expansions and add every Maschine pattern in its MIDI equivalent, for free for whoever owns each Expansion.

And if not for free, I would pay extra for all the MIDI loops since Expansion one. (😊)

(Sorry if this was brought up before, couldn't find anything!)



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