Screens Go White After 1-2 Years - Service Centers?

Hello everyone,

I purchased the Kontrol S4 MK3 with a lot of excitement, but the screens turn white and stop working completely — first within 1 year and after replacing them, they went out another year later. Is there a way to just order the screens and install them ourselves?

I'm in Thailand, and I can't afford to ship it very far — the customs coming back would be huge. Any suggestions? Just live without them? :P

Thanks.... otherwise, they're so lovely...



  • Iceman the Dj
    Iceman the Dj Member Posts: 29 Member

    I don't think you'll find a way to get that screens. I am also afrade of this, cause mine just got broken (one display) at one moonth after purchase! Not to mention that I got back a refurbished unit witch feels used. Some pots and faders move easyer than others, at ch "A" mixer FX the pot not closing al the time the effect, the side of an jog looks a lil bit scraped, also sometimes those displays also remain black and I have to restart the unit... and for a $1K controller, to get that back from "service" as a replacement of 1 moonth new controller, definettly my last traktor setup that I put my money in! I say just live without them! I don't think that NI will send you the displays! Anyway, just try, maybe you have a chance!

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