How to lower the bpm almost to a halt?

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I am using Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 and Traktor 3.10.

I would like to end a set by giving the impression the track is progressively going so slow that it eventually stops.

When I try to do that with the slider I am limited by the range it allows, which is not enough. I also tried to divise the bpm by 2 and then lower it but it still does not do the trick.

How could I do that?

Thanks for reading and any clue to do that.



  • lord-carlos
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    Maybe the tape stop effect is what you are looking for. That will slow the track down similar to when you stop vinyl on a record player.

    You can also change the bpm range of your pitch faders. But then they would be set to 100% just for the end of your set, which kinda is meh when you want to adjust the bpm just a tiny bit. See manual on how to do that.

  • Stevan
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    The Tempo Range selector will allow you to change the range via the buttons on your controlle ror computer keyboard. Have two buttons for this operation.

    Button 1 = Set Range to 100%

    Button 2 = Set Range to your normal setting 8% etc.

  • mots
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    somewhat related, the slowest bpm a human can "feel" seems to be around 33bpm if it matters for your usecase:

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