Creating a fade for an infinite loop

Tomas E
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Many years ago I was doing a lot of looping with samples from audio CDs. What I'd like to do now is to create fades to some of these loops that starts as soon as I release the key. I've searched in this part of the editor but I can't find anything useful. If you just point me in the right direction I should be able to figure it out. Thanks!


  • Milos
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    Well, if you use a DAW, you can just record the sample as long as you want, freeze it, and then use the fade out effect for the final end of the sample.

    As for the standalone, maybe you can do the volume host automation, to decrease the volume, which is the alternative for the fade out effect.

    Let me know if it helped, sir.

  • Tomas E
    Tomas E Member Posts: 79 Member

    Thanks, Milos 🙂

    I guess could use those methods but I would prefer using the editor.

    I've just found an FX instrument that works in that way. So maybe if I dig deeper into that one I can figure something out.

    Not tonight however 🥱

  • Milos
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    I am tired too.

    Well, good night!

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