Newbie - sound levels in Kontrol, especially pianos on S61 Mk3

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Why are the sound levels for piano instruments such as Noire and Gentleman so quiet, relative to say Massive? Through my Focusrite + KRK speakers, Massive, when played or previewing sounds, has a volume level similar to other apps on my computer, e.g. Software instruments in GarageBand, Spotify, YouTube, etc. However, pianos on Noire and Gentleman are VERY quiet.

I did some experimenting and set the Velocity on the keyboard to 'Fixed'. The sound levels came out similar to the above instruments apps, so nothing wrong there, other than I don't want fixed velocity on the pianos.

I did some reading and adjusted the keybed velocity curve to Soft 3 (I'm also a beginner, playing-wise) and switched the volume up on my Focusrite and hey presto, very nice.

However, when I go back to Massive, well, the sound truly is MASSIVE.

Is there a way to get consistent volume levels across all instruments and previews?


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    So, you use multiple software, such as Massive and Kontrol, right? you use a DAW?

    If you do, you can use the console view to see the waveform of each track, and make sure that the waveform doesn't have the red end on each track, because if it does, then the mix is a bit too loud.

    So, for Komplete Kontrol, increase the volume a little bit.

    For the Massive, decrease the Massive volume (pun), but not too much.

    Let me know if it helped, sir.

    Have a nice day!

  • oliverson
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    Thanks for your response and suggestions Milos.

    I would prefer to leave using a DAW out of the process for now and just focusing how to achieve my aims using only the S61 and Komplete software.

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    No problem, sir!

    Enjoy your life and have a nice day!

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