When Exporting Audio into Ableton, BPM on clips Don't seem to Sync up

dj noodle soup
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Hi I'm using Maschine mk3 2.17.14 on a Windows 10 System.

I'm trying to export patterns / scenes

-i've trying exported thing

with loop on/off

When I import into ableton live 11 suite,

the files have a different speed/key from the original maschine project.

I was trying to determine if it was ableton's warp end. Trying warp on/off

but when I play the file from Windows Media Player the exported file from Maschine

has already been altered so I'm guessing it's on Maschine's end.

Does anybody know what I am missing to get a seamless audio export for use in another daw.

Thanks so much,



  • Milos
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    Do you have Export Settings?

    You should experiment with them to find the perfect settings for your export.

    Speaking from my experience:

    When I used Cakewalk for mixing, the project looked great, but the exportation of the file was not good.

    My mix was way quieter than the mix from the original project, and just like you, it also had couple of tempo issues.

    So, I experimented with the exporting settings until I chose 'Entire Mix' option.

    Trust me, the exporting was flawless.

    The mix had the exact same tempo, volume and EQ settings just like from the original project!

    Maybe you should experiment with Export Settings inside your DAW as well.

    Let me know if it helped and if something changed.

  • dj noodle soup
    dj noodle soup Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    hey Milo sorry for the super late reply and I appreciate you responding so quickly

    at this point i'm just dragging one pattern at a time no mix from maschine software into ableton live 11

    but the clip seems to have a different length with a whole bunch of space at the end of it when not warped / stretched...

  • D-One
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    This suggests a possible sample rate missmatch issue.

    Make sure all your software / audio drivers are configured to use the same sample rate and report back.

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