Program Traktor crashes unpredictably when running

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Help me solve the issue, the program crashes unpredictably when running. And the next time when i open it, the history and database are not saving, as with a normal closure. Also, the bulbs on the controller, dry/wet, do not light up to control the activation of group effects. These issues appeared when upgrading to a new version of Trakror 3.10, 3.11. I Use MacBook Air M2, OS Ventura, Traktor control S4 mk3. When I used makbook pro mid 2012, os - high Sierra with same controller, there were no issues.


  • DJDL
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    3.10 and apparently 3.11 are unstable at the moment on Apple Silicon Macs. What has worked for me, is going into settings and turning off "LOAD ONLY INTO STOPPED DECKS".

    Hope it helps you.

  • SteveKDJ
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    Unfortunately not only, on those machines. I have Windows. and a s2mk3as controller, and it just crashed for the second time today. Blue death was the end result. Good thing I use a separate partition specifically for Traktor.

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  • SteveKDJ
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    Do you know where I can download the version that's still good?

  • Sûlherokhh
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    I just want to mention that the STOPPED DECK problem has been there forever (at least since TP2.6.8, the earliest version i ever used). So switching to an old version may not solve it.

  • OliverGross
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    Hmmm I had these Crashes only since I updated to 3.9 with Apple Silicon.

    I really never experienced this one with an earlier version and I had always ‚Loading only into stopped deck‘ enabled.

    Since I disabled it, it works again without any crashes and I didn‘t changed anything else.

  • lord-carlos
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    Not a mac user, but there is another thread about this and if I remember correctly some people reverted back to 3.8, the rosetta version.

  • OliverGross
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    Yes that’s right Carlos, 3.8 is working.

    But if you want to use X1 mk3 you have to use a version later as 3.8.

    So I use actually 3.11 with this Loading setting disabled.

  • djletov
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    Thanks so much, I remembered that it happened just when I downloaded the track. I will definitely disable this option. And how to officially downgrade to 3.8. Or wait until they fix it. As for the backlight of the dry wet button, it is also not clear. It's tangible when the dark

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