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How exactly do you record music with the BATTERY plug-in?


  • reffahcs
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    You're gonna have to be a little more specific. Without any additional info I would say, you record music with it in your DAW like any other VST plugin?

    In Ableton Live, you want to drag the Battery plugin onto a MIDI track. Scroll through your kits and double click on on the drum kit you want to load. Now press record and play away on any MIDI controller or using the appropriate keys on your computer's keyboard.

    In this case pressing the letter A on my keyboard triggers the snare 808 1.

    Note, that clicking on the drum pads in the VST doesn't actually generate any MIDI info, at least by default. Perhaps there is a way to make this work though? I'll defer to the more seasoned experts in this forum for an answer on that.

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    Oh, sorry. I work with Logic Pro, but the concept should be the same as Ableton. I didn’t know you had to drag the plugin onto a MIDI Track. I’ll try that. Thanks.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    In Logic you have to create new virtual instrument track. Then select Battery as a plugin, then either live record drums from your controller or program drums using pattern sequencer or piano roll.

    One does not drag plugins to tracks in Logic, one selects the plugin after creating the track 😜

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