Pattern player and sync with master deck

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first let me describe my setup - I use 2 decks in traktor, controlled by X1MK2, and I use F1 to controll my pattern player which is in send mode.

My problem is, that I use AUTO on master clock, in order to automatically switch MASTER between two decks, in order to get correct key colors in browser and to avoid need to clicking deck manually to get it into focus for key highlighting.

With this setup, I find that my pattern player (which is in effects slot1), does not align first beat to first beat of tracks. It always align to the main clock 1st beat.

When I switch MASTER back to main clock, pattern player is in sync correctly but I loose key highlight function in browser unless I manually select deck which I want obviously avoid.

Is there some way to work around this?

Thank you,

(also I'm using latest traktor pro)


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    samoo Member Posts: 6 Member

    ok I've managed to workaround this by custom mapping deck focus to load buttons on x1 for each deck..

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