Where does Traktor keep the history & last played info while it is running?

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Last night Traktor hung as I tried to close it, so I don't have a History file, all the last played info is wrong, all the playlist changes I made have un-made themselves, and all the cue points I set have vanished.

Is Traktor keeping a record of changes in a temp folder somewhere or is it all kept in volatile memory?

Does anyone have any other tips as to how I might be able to recreate the history file?

Thank you


  • Milos
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    Hmm...you are saying that when you are closing Traktor, all the playlists are deleting themselves from the main playlist folder...

    Maybe you should go to the Traktor folder to search where is the playlist file.

    Maybe there are remaining playlists.

    It must be a glitch or something.

    Just my theory.

    Let me know if something changes.

  • Toddisadj
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    I know where Traktor writes history & collection files. It only does this when it closes properly.

    Traktor does not always close properly, sometimes it hangs for days, or like last night so many hours my MacBook crashed.

    When it hangs it does not close at all, the history file is not created, and the collection file is not replaced.

    Previous files are not affected.

    While Traktor is running it must hold the information it is going to write out somewhere, my question is "where is the somewhere?".

  • lord-carlos
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    I would assume it's all just in memory.

    Sad to that traktor crashed. Seems to be more and more common on mac after version 3.8.

  • Toddisadj
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    Still on 3.8 / Catalina. Unlike some of the 2.x versions where this was very common 3.x has (until last night) closed properly every time.

    Having had a sniff around the usual temp file locations it is certainly looking like everything is in RAM until save or close is clicked - I've found that I can force a save while Traktor is playing, so (if I remember to use it) I can at least store some of the history / settings etc.

    Bad news is that the save operation on my collection takes over 3 minutes and while the save is taking place it's not possible to change playlists or search. Traktor does keep playing and with an S4 I can still load tracks & start / stop, so it's not fatal, just will need some planning.

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