IC Send To Switch Event Bug

dreason85 Member Posts: 24 Member

I found IC send module send event to Switch module by internel connections have an bug. When I click Trigger Event Button a few times, then Event-Watcher small display more events.

For example, perhaps when I trigger an event for the third time, it will generate many events instead of sending them all at once. What I want is to send an event and generate an event.


  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 749 Guru

    It's an initialisation problem, seems the event watcher is a bit glitchy too, but it all comes out correctly I think.

    Primary switches are problematic because they generate an initialisation (this is so Reaktor can work out which - if any - parts of the structure can be switched off). constants fire during initialisation, and unfortunately so do some Primary modules, and some primary modules fire events with an even arrives at an input that seems like it shouldn't cause an output event....

    ...Anyway, what seems to be happening here is that each time you hit you trigger you get a single event, and each time you hit the switch the structure generates three init events (you can work out where the com from by a process of elimination). Finally, sometimes the watcher doesn't respond correctly, it doesn't display all the initi events until there is another event, then it catches up... but if you count the events after a few hits of button and switch, it adds up to 1 event per button hit and three per switch hit.

    If you want to analyse events in a more reliable way, with more detailed info and a better interface, download ACEW from the user library. It is just WAY better then the event watcher.

    In general, it's best to avoid primary switches if your structure is remotely sensitive to initialisation. Although you should also try to ensure that your structure works ok in a context where primary switches are being used, because other folk use them :-(

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 749 Guru

    Looks like this is all an event watcher problem. Maybe something to do with it's internal init detection scheme. Initialisation changed a few years ago, and my guess is that Event Watcher probably didn't, so now it has maybe initialisation related bug(s), that weren't there prior to the initialisation scheme changing in Reaktor... not sure, but there's really no point in diving deeper because ACEW exists!

  • dreason85
    dreason85 Member Posts: 24 Member

    I know the final result doesn't have a significant impact, but I just feel that the issue with this event doesn't seem familiar to me. It's possible that my situation was disrupted by the Event Watcher program, and I can still solve it through the Selector module. Nevertheless, I still want to use the Switch module because it can effectively cut off unnecessary signals and reduce CPU usage.

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