Can we roll back Updates of Play Series?

Nedim Member Posts: 8 Member

For a stupid reason i updated Modular Icons and Noire today and both will not open in Kontakt 6.8.0, all of my Sessions broken. Is there a way? I paid for them last year and that's it? NI Lets us use a product 1 year only?


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  • cj014
    cj014 Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    I feel your pain. Especially since the link provided by mykejb is, unfortunately, not a complete list of instruments that used to be compatible with KONTAKT 6, but no longer are due to Native Access forcing installs that are only KONTAKT 7 compatible.

    I am personally waiting to hear back from NI support on literally 30 instruments or so that'd historically had KONTAKT 6- compatible versions available. Will problably make a community post within the next few weeks if/when I have time.

    If NI support is able to provide a solution, I'll share it with the community. If they don't, I'll try asking the community in a new post, but it's just mind-boggling to me that NI hasn't addressed the compatibility issues **comprehensively** yet, rather than piecemeal solutions I've had to visit various pages for and aren't even complete.

  • Nedim
    Nedim Member Posts: 8 Member

    Its bussines as usual bro, another greedy Company forcing us to pay.

  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 888 mod

    @cj014 Have you added the ones you're missing that had been upgraded to the thread? @Jeremy_NI has been pretty good in adding the missing ones.

    -- Mike

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,918 mod

    I've added them to the list this morning!

  • cj014
    cj014 Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Thank you mykejb and Jeremy!

    I'll make a separate post, in hopes someone can help me with my remaining 25 Kontakt-dependent instruments for which there is no compatible version available through Native Access... 😭 🤞

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