Cremona quartet - Kontakt too old to load the files

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I have Kontakt 6.8 version and I just bought the Cremona quartet which Kontakt seems "too old" to download. I tried downloading the earlier versions of these libraries but the installer won't open. What should I do for it to work please?

Thank you in advance for your help !


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    You can download the older versions for K6 from here - Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries — Community (

    EDIT - just noticed you've already tried that. Try the suggestion below!

    -- Mike

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    Download the free kontakt 7 player and it will work with that.

  • madgalb
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    Thanks for your replies ! All good now.

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    I've had the same issue with the Cermona Quartet. I already owned Kontakt 5 & 6 and purchased the bundled Quartet. After installing, I got the same error message stating my version of Kontakt was too old. I then found these threads concerning the issue and installed the 1.2 versions of all 4 Cermona instruments, relaunched Native Access to activate them as instructed by NI, and I am still receiving the same error. I then purchased Kontakt 7 because I thought that would be a fix, and I subsequently updated from Catalina to Big Sur in order to have Kontakt 7 work and this still has not worked and I am still getting the same compatibility error with Kontakt 7 on Big Sur 11.7.1. I also tried downloading prior version of the instruments to open with Kontakt 6 and same error. No change.... Quite frustrated and stuck at this point because I'm unsure as to any other options here. Please advise. Thanks.

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