Software bundles from 3rd parties License Transfer (UVI, SonicCouture etc)

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Hi. How does it work if one purchases bundles from 3rd party manufacturers, promoted by Native Instruments, such as the UVI Select Bundle currently on sale? I also have an Arturia and a SonicCouture bundle purchased as part of Special Offers by Native Instruments.

If I eventually wanted to sell on those licenses, how does that work? Does is work the same as if I had purchased a license for a particular product from that 3rd party manufacturer? (Both UVI and Soniccouture charge a 25euro transfer fee for instance)

Thank you


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    I have just checked my NI account and all of the 3rd party manufacturer licences are listed as being non- transferrable within the NI system. I think that in order to do this you will need to contact the relevant 3rd party manufacturer and go through whatever process (including charges) they implement.

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    Interesting. I will do that. It would be unfair if that was not possible

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