Holiday season e-mail problem

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Hi guys,

hopefully you can help - I did write an email to iZotope 10 days ago, haven't gotten a reply.

I got a newsletter with the offer to buy the Everything Bundle for $209 (see screenshot)

When I click to the link to buy, in the cart it says "iZotope Everything Bundle (MPS6): Upgrade from Post Production Suite 7" - I do not have Production Suite 7

How can I find out that this works for me? If not, honestly I think it is unfair to email me the offer and then I can't use that offer

Thanks a lot and happy new year



  • Tomboman
    Tomboman Member Posts: 31 Member

    Hey @Jeremy_NI maybe you can help? You are always very helpful here, but I haven't gotten a reply since Dec. 28th (Native Instruments Customer Service 4174871) - and here no reply either

    The offer via email is only valid till January 15th so I need a reply somewhere

    Thanks a lot

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Tomboman I'm sorry to hear about this, I've forwardeed your request, my colleagues should get back to you as soon as possible. I'm sure there would be a grace period in your case!

  • Tomboman
    Tomboman Member Posts: 31 Member

    @Jeremy_NI Thank you! I did receiver an email that day to provide screenshots, which I did within 10 minutes (!) - Since then (6 days now) I did not receive any reply. The sale is over since yesterday and I really hope this gets sorted now and with the grace period you mentioned.

    I own the Komplete Collectors Edition, own a lot of iZotope products and are a Plugin Alliance Mega XXL subscriber, so a really good customer I'd say - But this support via e-mail is terrible.

    Thanks for your help

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