Traktor 3.11 crashes on Macbook M2


I have purchased a Macbook m2.

I am running os Ventura, 32 GB memory

Troktor 3.10.1

I have moved my collection to this new MacBook m2 and therefore the paths are now changed.

The music is on an external drive. In order to relocate the music I have to run a consistency check for all my playlist, but sad to say the consistency check crashes every time. There I cannot tell Traktor where to relocate the music files.

I am running around in circles and cannot play song because the file paths are wrong.

I have already checked for corrupt files and corrected

I have a big library of playlists.

Can anybody help me ? It is really urgent



  • DJDL
    DJDL Member Posts: 57 Helper

    The title of your post says Traktor 3.11, but then you say you are on 3.10.1. I would suggest you update to 3.11 as it is the latest version and has hopefully fixed the issues that resulted in crashes with 3.10 on Apple Silicon.

  • dj Lorenzo
    dj Lorenzo Member Posts: 3 Member

    The first attemp was with version 3.10 I updated to version 3.11 and still have the same problem.

    I have 113,000 songs in my collection could this be a problem ?, however I have the same collection on a Intel macbook 2015 and everything works fine ! I am so dissapointed.

    Obviously I could go through each and every playlist and mark all song and the run a consistency check and relocate but that would be ridiculous !!!

    How do a downgrade to version 3.9 ? this was a clean install on a new laptop therfore I cannot go to a previous version

    pls Help

  • DJDL
    DJDL Member Posts: 57 Helper
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    Have you tried to redirect the PATHS to your NEW music folders from Traktor's Preferences? That way you might not have to run Consistency Checks. Might be worth giving it a shot.

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