Kontakt 6 missing

aka Member Posts: 34 Member

I upgraded to Komplete 14 Collectors edition. Now I see Kontakt 6 is missing (though I see Kontakt 5 and 7). Some of my projects still need KK vst3 and Kontakt6. I see no way to add this in NA. Any ideas how to install it ?


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 873 mod

    You should see it in Native Access if you have Komplete 14. Don't forget, in a brilliant piece of "we didn't think that through" product renaming it's called "Kontakt" not "Kontakt 6". So you should see "Kontakt", "Kontakt 5", "Kontakt 7"

    -- Mike

  • aka
    aka Member Posts: 34 Member

    Ooohhh, yeas, I forgot about it. Thank a lot for reminder ! I guess I'm good now.

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