Transfer ID problem.

maloso Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
Hi everyone,

I transferred my license to a friend because I resold Maschine MK2 to him....I got confused when I clicked on the email that I received, instead of forwarding it to him I clicked on it and I transferred my license back to myself.

If my friend enters the transfer ID it gives him an error....on my account it says that the license is not transferable.

How can I cancel everything and be able to transfer my license back to him?

Thanks, Mauro.


  • lord-carlos
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    I think there is a 60 day cooldown after transfer.

    But you can just write support and explain it. But be patient, support is currently swamped because of the sale.

    Good luck mate

  • Ojustaboo
    Ojustaboo Member Posts: 138 Helper

    I contacted support today (Wednesday) about a similar issue, I contacted them at 2pm, at 3:20pm they responded with the transfer code.

  • maloso
    maloso Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Io gli ho scritto aprendo un ticket per 2 volte, la prima in Italiano, la seconda in Inglese.... non ho ancora avuto risposta...

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,017 Expert

    When did you write them?

  • maloso
    maloso Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Ieri sera e stasera

  • Ojustaboo
    Ojustaboo Member Posts: 138 Helper

    Weird, seems weird they got back to me within 2 hours and not you, I don’t know if it makes any difference as to how you contacted them, just in case it does, and in case it helps, I did the following

    I went to their home page at

    Click on the Support tab at the top of the page

    Click on “Purchase and Account”

    Click on “Account Support “

    Click on “Contact NI Support “

    Do you need help with the activation or installation of a product?

    Click “No”

    Is your question about License Transfers / 2nd hand purchases?

    Click “Yes”

    We have collected all info around 2nd hand purchases in this overview. Please click below to find out more:

    Click “That doesn’t help”

    OK. Are you a buyer or seller?

    Click “Seller”

    Have you already requested a License Transfer?

    Click “Yes”   (If you click no, it won’t give you the option of contacting support)

    Ok, so something went wrong with your transfer request.

    Do you want to sell hardware or software?

    If you click on “Hardware”, you get the following:

    Important: If you want to sell MK2 / MK3 hardware, please only request a License Transfer for the hardware serial number!

    The buyer gets all the software after the hardware registration automatically! 

    Click on “Understood”

    Whether you clicked hardware or software you then get:

    Some licenses are not transferable 

    • Educational (EDU)

    • Not for resale licenses (NFR)

    • Third-party licenses

    • etc.

    Click on “I still want to contact support”

    Then fill in the details it asks for.

    You should get an automated email with your support ticket number fairly soon after.

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