HELP - Native Access "Download Failed" - Mac mini M2 - MacOS Sonoma

LewisRavager Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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Absolutely NONE of my products will start downloading!

I have deleted every single Native Instruments file on my Mac going through the list of how to uninstall products. This has ended up doing more damage than it was worth because I've now lost access to libraries that I previously working with no issues.

I have tried reinstalling NTKdaemon and Full Disk Access has been granted.

I've already restarted my Mac about 6 times at the time of writing to refresh changes and nothing is working so far.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, this is rather upsetting. I just spent $90 on NocturnalBass with Submission Audio and I can't even use it. Now I can't use any of the products I've spent about £300 in total over the last couple of years.


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