assigning a midi synth to be locked to one scene or instruemnt on maschine plus

Justinsamuelklein Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

Hi! i was able to get my akai mpk mini midi synth to trigger notes in the maschine.

I wasnt able to find anything relating to how i can lock the midi notes to a particular instrument or even scene / separate the signal?

and then my next question would be. would I be able to partition the midi triggers on the midi synth itself? the midi keyboard i have has pads uptop aswell as knobs as well as keys.

Ideally id want the keys to be set to a synth instrument.

the knobs to be in control of different levels maybe effects

and singular assigned wav samples to the pads. that or them actually being able to mute groups/scenes

let me know if you have the time thank you

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