remix track.wont.stop on traktor controller s4 mk2

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Hello respect to all.

I did a set and don't know why or how but attack kept playing even when loading of other tracks, lowered all faders, still same tune kept playing, crossfader didn't respond, and I'm not sure if it's my breadth of understanding of this piece of kit ad much as it could be.

Please help.




  • Fiw
    Fiw Member Posts: 3 Newcomer


    So am using traktor pro 3, with s4 mk2, and maybe I pressed a button that started a loop that I can't lower the volume on, as there was no viewable channel or control.

    The only way to stop it I found was to restart the traktor software.

    Is this a feature or a bug? Sorry if there's too little info, but if you have any leads, then I could somehow gain control back and continue from there.

    Thanks in advance

  • Stevan
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    Hey, this is limited info indeed. Next time it happens record a short video clip to demonstrate what is happening exactly. It is definitey not a feature but it could be a custom mapping issue.

  • Fiw
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    Would the sampler be responsible for something like this?

    Do you have any ideas. Maybe I can educate myself for next time and not have to look like [choose your own recommended expletive and/or derogatory term].

    Thanks for answering. It helps me and others.

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