Help creating a Freddie Green style strum w/ Acoustic or Nylon Guitars

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Hello all,

Most of the music I create is swing jazz using Great American Songbook materials. I own Komplete 14 Ultimate, and want to use one of the Acoustic or Nylon guitars to create a Swinging Freddie Green style of rhythmic strum. I've been going through the patterns to figure out what I might be able to modify but I'm a little stumped as I'm not a guitar player.

The style is basically a short stroke on each beat with some occasional slight alteration such as a ringing chord here and there.

Hoping someone with some expertise with the Kontakt guitars can maybe help with a little guidance or point me to a tutorial that might help. Thanks in advance.



  • Milos
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    Could you send us a video of that style or something?

    If you can't really find the built-in pattern inside your library, zhen manually record the track by ear.

    Similarly how people with perfect pitch can just play the melody from hearing.

    Enjoy your composing!

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