ConiX v3 Event recorder: Where is the 20 second default recording time setting?

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I am experimenting with recording Fader motion.

The ConiX v3 looks very promising. I would like to change the default recording time which is set to 20 seconds, but cannot find this feature within the Macro to edit it. Is there someone who can take a look and find it?

I altered the macro to display on a vertical slider, and pared down to 1 slider from the original 6 sliders as I develop a new prototype. Otherwise the function of the macro is unchanged.

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi All,

    I was able to figure it out after finding Kristian Thom's Auto Control Collection! I would never have guessed it was a parameter in the XY module. Somehow this was counterintuitive (to me at least).

    It seems the build of the ConiX v3 is very similar. But after looking over Kristian Thom's collection, the added features and controls he has implemented look more useful (for what I am doing) than the ConiX v3.

    Thank you Kristian for such detailed instructions within your files! And thank you Reaktor Community for providing such a depth of resources!

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