S4 mk2 strange pulsing noise on channel A

I have an S4 mk2 which i use weekly for a radio show, I turned it on the other day to play some vinyl but had a strange noise straight away on channel A, it was like a ground hum but it was pulsing and quite loud, the turntables were not even on and made no difference when switched on. I use track deck for channels B+C and turn tables on A+D. even with the phono cables disconnected it still pulses. only on channel A, if you change the deck to a track deck it comes up with multiple faults like grounding and right channel missing. the turntables are stanton str8-80. I had this equipment for years with no issues, any thoughts please.



  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 545 Pro

    Check to see if you have the Gater effect turned on. Maybe a deck that is minimized has it on.

    I have done that quite a few times and been confused for a bit.

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