LOREs infinitely stuck installing due to laptop being turned off and hard drive unplugged

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Hi all,

I have been trying to install LORES onto my hard drive and it got a fair way. My partner turned of my laptop and unplugged my hard drive when I was at work not realising that I was downloading something and since it has been stuck on an infinite loop of saying installing but nothing happens. I've tried restarting my laptop, uninstalling LORES from control panel and deleting everything to do with LORES on my program files and hard drive in a desperate attempt to get it to re install because there is not option to re install but that hasn't worked, I even tried reinstalling Native access but it continued to be the same. I've probably made things worse trying to fix this issue, Its been nearly 2 days and I'm stumped.

If anyone can help I will be forever grateful

Please find attached screenshot




  • Milos
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    Wait a second, you mentioned uninstalling Lores from Control Panel.

    Maybe it is already installed, but it is just a glitch on Native Access.

    Try to install Lores again and wait until it became visible on Control Panel, and not until it doesn't say 'installed'.

    Then open Kontakt to see if you can see Lores.

    Let me know if it helped, sir.

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    Make sure that you are using latest version of Native Access. Did you try to exit Native Access and then clean both the destination folder for Lores and the Downloads folder for Native Access for everything ?

    You could also try to install Lores using this link ! (it's a 70GB download so a lot to download to test , I know , but else again contact support !)

    Else , if problem persists then contact support and have them sort it out ! Please notice that due to both the sale and the holidays then support is extra busy and may take a week to respond. If you do not get a response within that time then update your ticket !

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