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I recently purchased a 7 LIBs from DARK INTERVALS. The sounds are awesome and I really like them. the problem is that these samples play really low volume from KK plugin in a DAW.

Is there any way to fix this permanently, other than using gail (which brings distortion) ?


I think KK and KONTAKT is missing a major tool to compensate to quiet OR to loud samples. Some normalization mechanism would be very helpful, but I've lost my hope on Kontakt already few years ago, as this tool is as old and ancient as pyramids. I am just hoping for some workaround...


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    Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol are not going away. Besides that, the pyramids are still standing, even after nearly 5,000 years (well, the oldest one is about 4,700 years old, and the newest one is about 3,500 years old).

    I doubt these apps will last that long, but for now I think you need to accept the reality that these are not going away anytime soon. Or ever.

    So related to your other post, you may have a decision to make. If you despise Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol so much, maybe you should find alternatives. Or you can make a conscious choice to work with them for as long as they're here.

    Either way, you'll be able to move on with your life. Complaining that they should be abandoned is not reasonable, plus it wastes your valuable time by not allowing you to proceed toward success. Besides that, there are thousands of people who use them successfully to make live and recorded music each and every day. Surely you can find your own path too, yes?

    Now to help you with your pyramid...maybe you can tell us what kind of computer and software you are plugging into? Mac or Windows, and what version?

    And does the bad behavior happen in a DAW? or standalone? Or both? Names and versions, please.

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    As BIF mentioned there's really a ton of reasons for this. The obvious is that you need to increase the mix volume? But without knowing what you're doing, what you've done, it's really hard to say what the issue is. Without knowing more, I would say turn the volume up if it's low.

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    My main track and the LIOB track are at 0 and the sound is still ove volume on this track I was hoping there is some utility to bring the entire library volume up. I do not have a problem with other instruments or libs, just the one from DARK INTERVALS and was wondering if there is anybody using these libraries and has the same issue ?

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    I'm always adjusting the volume levels. I know of no "utility" to bring them all up.

    If you ever get to the point where you mix things down, or the step after that, to master them, you will likely be adjusting volume levels even more.

    It's kind of like swimming. In order to be a swimmer, you have to be willing to get wet. Right?

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    So after looking up with this dark intervals instrument is, it would seem since it's a collection of wav and mp3 files that as you mentioned the volume of the actual recording is lower than what you expect.

    You could just compensate in your daw by lowering the volume of other tracks and increasing the volume of this one.

    Another solution would be to simply go through each wav and mp3 file, apply some gain to it and save it to the same file. I don't know any programs off the top of my head that can do this, but I would think Audacity might be able to? I'd be willing to bet there's a command line tool that could do it though.

    If it were me, I would do some google searches for "apply gain to multiple wav files" or "bulk audio process command line linux" and then just see if you can find the same tool for MacOS either via brew or perhaps from source.

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    As far as I know the Kontakt samples are not in a WAV or MP3 format so Audacity will not help here. I have sent a message to Dark Intervals developers but after week still not response.

    Yes that is obvious I can lower the volume of other tracks, but in that case it has to be quite dramatic cut and also doing this in every projcet sucks. I was simply wondering if anybody else use thosese libraries and experienced the same issues.

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    I like your idea of sending a message to Dark Intervals. I don't know where they are physically located, but even so, no response yet this week is not surprising. Probably only about 40% of people are back to work this week. The first really busy day for everybody after the holidays will be next Monday, January 7th.

    This year's calendar gives us a double-whammy. One because a lot of people just won't come back to work until after January 6th, and two because January 7th lands on a Monday this year. In my experience as a manager, people from Puerto Rico, other US Territories, and just about all parts of Mexico and farther south to Central and South America, will pretty much not start work until 1/7, except in cases of emergency services.

    Culturally, it is a time of religious observance. And parties. Lots of parties. Sometimes with lots of "liquid subsistence" consumed.

    So look for them to engage with you sometime next week. Just remember, they might be working through a backlog in addition to a hangover... 😉

    I don't recall if the Euro zone is quite as impacted by this; I haven't had any employees in Europe, only collaborators from other teams.

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    If the preview samples from their libraries are noticeably more quiet than other libraries in KK you click through, the issue is the developer of the library did not correctly render and normalise the samples so they match with the other content.

    There should be nothing for a user to address on this as it is suppose to be done by the developer and if this is official NKS compatible content approved by NI then NI should have made sure in their quality checks that it was ok, which means either they didn't do the job or the library is not officially recognised NKS compatible which means you have to ask the developer to fix it themselves.

    The preview files are .OGG sample files and you can batch process them if you have tools to do so. Literally can be done with ffmpeg and a command line batch tool but can also be done in applications like Wavelab which has a batch processing function, however again this isn't something users should have to waste their time on.

    If the issue is ALL previews are quiet, likely you just need to turn up the preview volume control in KK.

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