Traktor Pro Audio Routing

I am trying to set up Traktor Pro with my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

I know these are really basic questions, but I cannot get the routing right.

Under output routing, I have traktor master out going to channel 1-2 and monitor output going to 3-4

My audio interface is sending 1-2 to the speakers and 3-4 to the headphones.

But the audio feed coming through the headphones is a combination of the master out and the cue channels. The cue button works, but I can’t mute the master out in the headphones.

It’s been a while since I’ve DJ’ed, but I seem to remember that you should be able to have just the cue channel playing in the headphones? I have to think I have something set up incorrectly

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  • mykejb
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    Do you have the Cue Mix knob turned to just the Cue position? Can't remember if that's clockwise or anticlockwise, but it's one of the two! If you're hearing main mix and cue it's likely to be set in the centre

    -- Mike


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